Anti-corruption policy

As a subsidiary of Premier Technology Public Company Limited who is the holding company which operates business under the Premier Group’s business philosophy of “The Premier Business, The Premier People, The Premier Society” which is the core value in which the Company adheres to focus in operating the business. The Company operates by giving precedence to corporate governance under the management framework of business integrity, transparency and accountability; specifically for processes that are related to or are at risk of corruption within the Company and corruption in all forms, whether directly and/or indirectly. The Company has set the Policies in accordance with the Anti-Corruption Policy as follows:
In compliance with the principles of good corporate governance and as a clear guideline for the good conduct of its employees, the Premier Group of Companies has compiled a code of conduct based on the Groupโ€™s core values for use of its executives and employees as the guiding principles in conducting their work as follows:
The directors, management and employees of the Company and its business lines are prohibited from performing, accepting or supporting corruption in any form, whether directly and/or indirectly. This shall be applicable to all companies in the consumer products business line, including all related contractors and sub-contractors. Regular reviews on compliance with the anti-corruption policy shall be made, as well as reviews on implementation to ensure compliance with the policy, practices, regulations, rules, notifications, laws and business changes.
2. The anti-corruption standard is part of business operation and it is the duty and responsibility of the Company’s board of directors, management, supervisors, employees at all levels and suppliers or sub-contractors to express their opinion regarding the practice on the implementation of the anti-corruption actions to ensure achievement of compliance with the policy set.
The Company formulated its anti-corruption measures in accordance with related laws, including the principles of moral. Risk assessment was conducted on activities that are related or at risk for corruption and the results were used in preparing the operating guidelines for all related parties.
4. The Company does not offer or support bribery in any form in all activities under its supervision, including supervision of charitable contributions, political contributions, and the offer of gifts in business transactions, and supports various activities with transparency and without the intention of convincing officials of the government or private sector to undertake inappropriate actions.
5. The Company has appropriate internal control with regular reviews in order to prevent improper practices by employees, especially in sales, marketing and procurement.
6. The Company provides knowledge on anti-corruption to its directors, management and employees to promote integrity, honesty and sense of responsibility in fulfilling their duties, and to show the Company’s commitment.
7. The Company has in place mechanisms for transparent and accurate financial reporting.
8. The Company has provided a variety of communication channels for employees and stakeholders to raise concerns and report suspicious circumstances with confidence of being protected from punishment, unfair transfer or harassment in any way, as well as appoint person(s) to investigate and monitor the complaints.
Effective by July 4, 2014, Thailand's Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) certified Premier Technology PCL (DCS' holding company) as a full member of CAC. PT has met the commitments to the CAC declaration on anti-corruption by putting in place good business principles and control against bribery.


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