Anti-Corruption Policy

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Premier Technology Public Company Limited and its Subsidiaries operate businesses under Premier Group’s business philosophy of “Harmonious Alignment for Success,” which is our “Core Value” to which the Company adheres to focus on operating businesses. The Company emphasizes the importance of corporate good governance under the management framework of business integrity, transparency, and accountability. The Company, therefore, issues the policy to prevent the risk of corruption in all forms within the Company and for directors, management, employees, as well as any persons undertaking for the Company’s benefits to comply with the as practical norm.
“Fraud” means unlawful acts in any form in order to seek unjust or illegal gains, including performing or failure to perform in the position or duty or performing or failure to perform in any manner that may lead others to believe that he or she has a position or duty even though he or she does not have such position or duty or abuse of entrusted power in a position or duty to secure illegal gains for oneself or others, for the sake of family, relatives or friends, public funds misappropriation and the use of patronage system and other injustices that undermine fairness and legitimacy both legally and socially.
“Corruption” means any performing or refraining from performing the duties or abusing power in performing duties in order to obtain benefits in any form of giving, offering to give, promising to give, demanding or accepting anything whether in the form of cash, cash equivalent or any other benefit without any right and against morality, ethics, laws, rules, regulations and policy, to government agencies or any persons undertaking businesses with the Company or Group of Companies, either within or outside the country, in order to obtain unlawful benefits to companies, individuals or connected persons.
“Hiring government officials/government employees” means employment of any person who is current or former government official/politician/counselor of government agencies to work for the Company and may rely on relationships or inside information for the benefit of the Company or cause a conflict of interest in the performance of duties of government agencies or business regulatory bodies with companies under their supervision with the aim of gaining unfair business advantages or setting policies to benefit the private company with whom the former government officials works.
“Facilitation Payment” means an unofficial payment made to government officials, organizations, or any agencies for the purpose of undertaking or expediting their performance, for example, application for licenses, certificates, receipts of public services, orders of goods and services, etc.
“Political Contribution” means any support of the activities of political parties, politicians, or other similar activities, whether it is financial or benefit in any form, either directly or indirectly.
“Bribery” means the offering of any item of value, gifts or benefits to any person for performing or refraining from their duties, whether such performance is under the duties or not, as a means of influencing the bribable actions, against the laws, ethics, or code of conduct, either directly or indirectly.
“Employee” means employees as follows:
1) Employees who work for the Company on an indefinite contract, including permanent employees and employees on probation.
2) Employees who work for the Company according to the fixed-term employment contract.
1.   Directors, management, and employees of the Company are prohibited from performing, accepting, or supporting corruption in any form, whether directly and indirectly as well as reviews of guidelines to conform and ensure compliance with the policy, practices, regulations, rules, notifications, laws, and business changes.
2   The Company encourages and supports stakeholders such as related customers, business partners, contractors or sub-contractors in having guidelines against corruption similar to Company. Regular reviews on compliance with the anti-corruption policy shall be made.
3.   The anti-corruption standard is part of business operation and it is the duty and responsibility of the Company’s board of directors, management, supervisors, employees at all levels, and suppliers or sub-contractors to express their opinion regarding the practice on the implementation of the anti-corruption actions to ensure achievement of compliance with the policy set.
4.   The Company formulates its anti-corruption measures in accordance with related laws, including the principles of morals. Risk assessment will be conducted on activities that are related or at risk for corruption and the results were used in preparing the operating guidelines for all related parties.
5.   The Company does not have any policies of offering or charitable contributions to politicians or political contributions.
6.   The Company does not have any policy of offering gifts to customers or business partners, hiring government officials/government employees, or undertaking any actions to encourage bribery in any form, activity as well as not have any policy of giving or accepting gifts, facilitation payment, entertaining or accepting entertainment and/or offering money for purpose of influencing the government officials or private sectors to facilitate or undertake inappropriate actions.
7.   The Company provides appropriate internal control with regular reviews in order to prevent improper actions of employees in every business units.
8.   The Company provides anti-corruption knowledge to directors, management, and employees to promote integrity, honesty, and awareness of responsibility in fulfilling their duties and to communicate the Company’s commitment to anti-corruption.
9.   The Company provides mechanisms for transparent and accurate financial reporting.
10.   10. The Company provides various communication channels for employees and stakeholders to notify and report suspicious circumstances with the confidence of being protected from punishment, unfair transfer, or harassment in any way, as well as appoint person(s) to investigate and monitor the complaints.

The Company will review the Anti-corruption Policy every 2 years. This Policy will be in effect until it is amended.

The Company wishes all personnel of the Company and subsidiaries including stakeholders adhere to anti-corruption for social sustainable permanently.


Announced on November 8, 2023.


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