Disaster Recovery & Office Continuity

Data Center Facilities

DCS provides an energy-saving data center or “Green Data Center” for business organizations together with 24-hour service by highly trained professionals. Our service is guaranteed by ISO 20000, the first international standard for IT service management, and ISO 27001, the standard for information security management systems.

Energy Saving

Our DC is analyzed and designed by engineering professionals to have power usage effectiveness or PUE lower than 1.7. Our technology can save energy 30% more than ordinary systems and reduce companies’ costs in long term.

  • The cooling system installed in DCS data center is In-Row Cooling which provides cooled air to the server equipment more efficiently. We can also fully populate server racks, using less space compared to conventional server configuration.
  • Hot-Aisle Containment is an area where the server exhausts of each row face one another. It captures server exhaust air and restricts its entry to the rest of the data center. So, the cooling system does not need to work hard to regulate the room temperature, and its cooling capacity increases as well.

Always on

Besides, DCS data center can service 24 hours even when there’s a blackout because it has an automatic electrical distribution system, power generators and uninterruptible power supplies or UPS.

Beyond Security

Since customers trust DCS with their information, we give priority to the security by strict access processes. In addition to Room Access Control System, we strengthen the security by Rack Access Control System. It records the access history in case we would like to check on it. In Thailand, DCS is the only one that provides the rack access control system.

DCS data center is designed to meet the security standards;

  • Live Environment Monitoring System to inspect and control our data center
  • VESDA air sampling smoke detectors to warn an impending fire hazard much earlier than regular smoke detectors by detecting hydrocarbon particles
  • FM200 clean agent fire suppression system to extinguish a fire quickly and cleanly, without damaging computer hardware
  • Water Leak Detection System
  • Fire-resistant walls, doors and glass

Low-risk location

DCS data center is located on the 6th floor of Premier Place building, Srinakarin Road. It’s highly safe and far away from risks such as protests, effects from an earthquake, flood and high voltage. 



  Head Office :
  Premier Place Bldg
  Srinakarin Road

  Branch I : Bangkok Insurance Bldg
  South Sathorn Road

  Eastern Expansion
  Lifespace, Pintong Industrial Estate
  4th Floor, Room No. B401
  789/283 Moo 1 Nong Kham,
  Sriracha, Chon Buri, Thailand 20230



DCS is the leading Enterprise IT Solutions and Services Provider in Thailand. We provide services under world class standard quality ISO 20000 (IT Service Management) and ISO 27001(Information Security Management).