Sustainability Management Policy and Target

Premier Technology Public Company Limited and its Subsidiary (“the Company”) are committed to conducting business under the spirit of "Harmonious Alignment of Success" from the adoption of 5 core values, which are quality, creativity, morality, coordination and mutual benefit to promote, encourage employees to implement, disseminate, and expand the benefits to stakeholders in the business chain, both inside and outside the organization that depend on each other. Hence the idea that if you want your business to be successful in the long run, there must be 3 main components that can grow together. The Company believes that the balance will result in the Company's business to grow strongly and sustainably.
   1) Business that has progressed
   2) Employees who are happy and feel secure in their work
   3) Sustainable growth in society and the surrounding environment
or “The Harmonious Alignment of Success”
CSR Cycle
Business operations to create sustainable success together: The Company has adhered to business practices to create sustainable mutual success for over 20 years by using the process of creating engagement both within the organization and with organizations and individuals in many sectors continuously. Today, the United Nations has urged all countries around the world to set a common goal for SDG's (Sustainable Development Goals), which Goal 17 outlines for cooperation to achieve the "Partnership for the Goals". This means the cooperation of all parties to achieve the 16 goals set in all issues.
Employees with creating sustainable togetherness: The Company values employees who drive core values practices through work with a sample project “Serious people will not be indifferent”, which opens a safe space for employees to use their creativity, create cooperation, find new ways to solve social and environmental problems, and take action. The Company has supported resources such as funds, time and knowledge to allow employees to develop projects by integrating knowledge and cooperation both within and outside the organization. In addition, the Company has also received the results of encouraging employees to create sustainable mutual success from other projects..

Support the creation of participation for sustainable social and environmental development: The Company believes that the organization will have sustainable strength. It is imperative to gain the support and trust of all stakeholders in the enterprise value chain. The Company has continuously supported social sustainability development. through various activities of the Company to support the creation of such participation. It also provides capital support of 5% of the net profit after deducting the corporate income tax burden of that accounting period to support the operation of the Yuvabadhana Foundation, KhonThai Foundation, Enlive Foundation and partner organizations, “Partnership and Collaboration”, by supporting the Foundation's operations in various forms such as

1) Fund donation to Yuvabadhana Foundation: The foundation receives donations from other sources of more than 300 million baht per year.
2) Other Support through personnel support, volunteer, share time, support management work and provide advice, knowledge and expertise in social project development
Funds and other support will support the creation of a cooperation mechanism through the management of the three foundations to be an extension of the results and create wider cooperation with co-developers and social stakeholders. The creation of “Partnership and Collaboration” is an important condition that will lead to "Harmonious Alignment of Success", formed a social force large enough to lead to systemic change able to overcome social traps or the "lack of synergies", the key mechanism that catalyzes the multiplier for scaling up is the creation of networks of cooperation and participation of various sectors, both the business sector, the social sector, the government sector, and the people who participated in volunteering and donating funds and other sectors to support the work of social sector partners on various issues through systematic and transparent mobilization and fundraising.

further expansion
Therefore, funding and other support of the company will be the starting point for expanding results, create a social power multiplier. It is a large social force which enough to lead to sustainable systemic change by Yuvabadhana Foundation, KhonThai Foundation and Enlive Foundation, "Together with co-development organizations", to create a "cooperation mechanism" to expand results and link to co-development partners which are “Co-developers of social/environmental projects” at the corporate level, including organizations, business sectors, social sector organizations and many other government organizations. This leads to beneficiaries of sustainable social development such as children and youth, early childhood, the elderly, the disabled and the sick, teachers and parents, medical personnel and the general public, leading to social/environmental innovations for "Sustainable mutual success" in various forms, such as a shop (Pankan shop), social impact investment (BKIND Fund, Thai CG Funds and Media for Social Justice Fund), children’s nutrition platform (Food4Good), crowdfunding platform (, etc.




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