Environment and Social Policy

The company will operate its works with the maintenance of the environmental equilibrium following the requirements of laws or regulations, of which relate to the environment, according to universal standards or suitable standards in each type of business. When it carries out its business with communities it will address and co-operate with the communities on the issues of environmental maintenance from any caused by the operation of the company as follows:

Maintain and protect from any effect on the environment, by providing any equipment for the treatment of its waste, in order not to make any effect on the environment and communities, when it carries out its business.


If any of the company's products/services or any operation of the company, causes
any effect on the environment, it will urgently solve any problem and be
responsible for the damages, with fairness.


The company will train people and set up a system of examination, inspection, and maintenance of equipment, tools, and will develop their efficiency for environmental safety, and keep the public's confidence.


The company will donate 5% of its normal business net profit, after deduction of
its income tax of the particular financial year, for the benefit of juvenile education,
of whom are the poor or underprivileged, to the Yuvabadhana Foundation, or any
other public interest organization, of which it can be trusted according to the
criteria of its committee.



  Head Office :
  Premier Corporate Park
  Srinakarin Road

  Branch I : Premier Place Bldg
  Srinakarin Road

  Branch II : Bangkok Insurance Bldg
  South Sathorn Road

  Eastern Expansion : Pinthong Industrial Estate
  789/200 Moo 1, Nong Kham Si Racha,
  Cholburi 20130


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