Premier Group Policy

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Corporate Governance Policy

The Premier Group of Companies places great emphasis on good corporate governance as it is important and essential for the sustainable growth of the business.

The Premier Group is committed and determined to adhere to the principles of good corporate governance.  It has established a policy to support corporate governance, emphasized on the risk management system, internal control and internal audit, operated the business within the framework of legal requirements and business ethics and adhered to the principles of good corporate governance, which are integrity, fairness, transparency and accountability.

Conflict of Interest Policy

The Premier Group requires all employees to perform their duties with integrity under the framework of good ethics, avoid conflict of personal interests with those of the Group in any act related to the Group, including with suppliers, customers and other third parties in order to obtain personal benefit of the employees and/or close relatives, as well as the use of inside information of the Group in trading securities of the group companies.

Examples of behaviours that are considered conflicts of interest: 

  1. Employees or close relatives of employees selling or buying goods/services, renting or leasing assets to the Group and lending or borrowing money from the Group on conditions that cause the Group to lose benefits or receive less benefit than ought to be. 
  1. Employees investing in or are officers or advisors or directors in the business of customers, suppliers or service providers of companies outside the Group or competitors of the Group. 
  1. Employees or close relatives of employees receiving any benefits whether gratuities or gifts or any other benefits from customers, agents/representatives of contractors/service providers or any person or organization having business related to the Group. 
  1. Employees or close relatives of employees operating businesses in competition with the Group’s businesses. 

 “Close relative” means a person who is related by blood or by legal registration, namely, spouse, father, mother, siblings and children, including spouses of children.

Customer Relations and Product Quality Policy 

The Premier Group is committed to building good and lasting relationships with customers and creating customer satisfaction is paramount to the Group's business success. The Group will effectively respond to the needs of customers by maintaining the quality of products and services through: 

  1. Delivery of products/services of quality according to specified standards to customers fully and timeously. 
  1. Establishment of quality control systems for products/services to achieve industry standards and up to international standards and are safe. 
  1. Provision of accurate and factual information about the Group's products/services in all types of advertisements and news releases. 
  1. Encouragement and motivation of all employees to participate in quality maintenance at every stage of the work process. 
  1. Establishment of mechanisms and customer service systems in order for customers to contact the Group conveniently and quickly. 

In addition, the Group has a policy to encourage suppliers and distributors of goods/services to achieve standards comparable to those of the Group's, earn fair profits and can grow together.

Alcohol and Drug Use Policy 

The Premier Group will provide employees with a workplace that is free from alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances, which will have a detrimental effect on employee performance and will have a serious impact on the safety, efficiency and productivity of the employees. Use, possession, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages and drugs in the Group's premises is strictly prohibited and is grounds for termination of employment, especially drugs which are punishable by law. The Group will fully cooperate with the government authorities in the prevention and suppression of all types of drugs. 

  1. If any employee violates this policy on alcohol and drug use, such employee will be disciplined in accordance with the regulations of the company in which they are employed (“the Company”) and may be subject to legal action. 
  1. Employees with alcohol or drug dependency who seek help from the Company in overcoming such dependency or participate in a rehabilitation program will not be terminated due to such request for help. In the event that an employee suffering from alcohol or drug dependency refuses rehabilitation or refuses treatment or on receiving treatment fails to meet satisfactory standards of effective work performance, such employee will be subjected to disciplinary action in accordance with the Company’s regulations as appropriate. The request for medical treatment or to enter a rehabilitation program will not be considered an exception in the implementation of the Company's regulations. 
  1. Employees with alcohol or drug dependency or is found to be using addictive substances will not be allowed to work in a position designated by the Company's management, which is important for the safety and well-being of other employees or the general public or the Company. 
  1. The Company may conduct unannounced searches for drugs and alcohol on company owned or controlled property. 
  1. The Company may also require employees to submit to medical evaluation or have a doctor conduct an examination for alcoholic beverages or drugs in the employee's body in the workplace where there is a reasonable cause to suspect alcohol dependency or drug use by such employee. 
  1. The Company may also require that all applicants accepting offers of regular employment and contractors of the Company must pass a drug test before commencing work. 

Political Activities Policy 

The Premier Group will not support the activities of any political party by being neutral and not be affiliated with any political party or group and will not provide assistance to any particular political candidate. 

The Premier Group considers employees to have a democratic right and duty to freely and personally participate in or support various political activities that does not affect the Group. 

Equality Policy 

The Premier Group wants equal employment opportunity both domestically and overseas where it operates its businesses for individuals who have the qualifications as required by the Group regardless of race, skin color, gender or religious belief. The Group will ensure equal employment opportunity in all aspects, including job announcements, hiring, work assignment, promotion, transfer, termination, wage management, salary and selection of employee for development training. 

In addition, the Group also provides equality to its suppliers, customers and visitors by providing equality regarding religion and it is the Group's policy that its employees must study and act in accordance with the traditions and culture of each society in which the Group operates. 

Respect for Human Rights Policy 

The Company recognizes and places importance on the value of human dignity. Therefore, it has established as a policy that all executives and employees must respect the human rights and human dignity of all employees and stakeholders, which is a principle according to international standards that is an important foundation for business operations. The Company has a clear policy to share responsibility for society under its core values “The Premier Business, The Premier People, The Premier Society”

  • The Company supports and respects the protection of human rights by ensuring that the Company's businesses and employees are not involved in human rights violations, such as not use forced labour, not use child labour and not molest or violate both physically and mentally, as well as ensuring strict adherence to the standards prescribed by the labour protection laws. 

  • The Company will respect and adhere to the international principles of employment in treating all stakeholders with fairness based on human dignity by providing equal opportunities for all without discrimination and without violating fundamental rights in regards to gender, age, religion, race, region, status, physical condition and political opinion. 

  • The Company monitors and follows up on the strict adherence of its subsidiaries, suppliers and stakeholders to the international principles on human rights, as well as protects the rights of stakeholders who received damages due to the violation of rights arising from the Company's business operations as required by law. 

  • The Company has arranged the workplace with regard to a good working environment and places importance on the safety and occupational health of employees. 
  • The Company has provided employees with the opportunity to participate in the management of and to express their opinions on its business operations and work processes through the “suggestion system activity” channel to the various working groups, such as the welfare working group, the anti-corruption working group, etc. 
  • The Company has set measures to provide protection for employees who report on human rights violations or unequal treatment of employees under which they will be protected from punishment or harassment or any other acts that will make it unbearable for the informant to continue working. 

Safety Policy 

The Premier Group is aware and concerned about the life, property and health of all employees and related parties. Therefore, it considered it appropriate to carry out safety, occupational health and work environment operations to instill awareness and cooperation among employees and all concerned and has established the safety, occupational health and work environment policy as a guideline for implementation as follows:

  1. Allocate sufficient and appropriate resources for the implementation of the said system, including compliance with laws and international standards or appropriate standards of each business. 
  1. Provide knowledge on safety, occupational health and work environment management to the employees and related parties, as well as promote and support the creation of awareness for all employees on safety and to seriously adhere to. 
  1. Set up a committee to supervise safety, occupational health and work environment in order to operate strictly in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the law and closely monitor the performance. 
  1. Safety performance at work is one of the criteria for annual performance evaluation. 

Gifts and Entertainment Policy 

The Premier Group does not have a policy to give or accept gifts of any kind or cash to anyone doing business with the Group except for the giving or accepting of gifts and entertainment in accordance with traditions that are of reasonable value to maintain good relationship with those doing business with the Group without expecting to receive a specific service or reward that is not in accordance with the Code of Business Ethics. The Group strictly prohibits the giving or accepting of gifts in excess of reasonable value in the form of commissions, loans, share of profits in stocks, or anything of a similar nature. 

The giving or receiving of gifts and entertainment should meet the following criteria: 

  1. Must be in accordance with the traditions that are practiced. 
  1. Must be modest, infrequent and appropriate for the occasion. 
  1. Must not be contrary to laws and regulations and in accordance with the Group's Code of Conduct and policies on conflicts of interest. 

Directorships Policy 

The Premier Group does not have a policy for the Company's employees to serve as directors of non-affiliated companies except in the case where an employee has been assigned by the Group to be a director as part of that employee's duty. 

In the event that an employee is a director of a non-affiliated company without being assigned by the Group, employees are obliged to notify the company in which they are employed. 

Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property Policy 

The Premier Group has a policy that prohibits its employees from disclosing or using for personal gain any news and inventions that are confidential information of the Group, including formulas, processes, production methods and material business information, which are regarded as a matter that must be concealed from other persons by any means. 

Any inventions that employees invent or jointly invent while working for the Group is considered the right and property of the Group, which the employees may not disclose or use for personal gains. 

In addition, it is the policy of the Group, which is strictly adhered to, that employees are prohibited from infringing on the intellectual property of others whether it is domestic or foreign intellectual property. 

Information System Security Policy 

The Premier Group is committed to maintaining the standards of its operating systems, computer systems and information communication systems, which is an important foundation for building an effective control system. The Group will take action on various matters to ensure that the data of the work system and computer system are protected and ready for use at all times in the Group's business, as well as laying out the form and cost of various control measures to be appropriate for the risks to the data, work system and computer system. 

  • Data includes electronic data, documented information, publications, video/audio data, etc. 

  • Work system includes information system and use of the computer system. 

  • Computer includes computer systems, communication systems and related computing devices. 

To achieve that commitment, the Group will operate according to the following standards and practices: 

  1. Determine the responsibilities of data users and administrators for all work systems and computer systems. 
  1. Assess risks and establish a risk control system to suit the changing environment. 
  1. Create a data protection system, work system, computer system and related personnel. 
  1. Create a data security system to prevent unauthorized access, modification and destruction of data whether accidental or intentional. 


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