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Risk and Compliance (GRC)

DCS also specializes in offering comprehensive Risk & Compliance Solutions for enterprises, aiming to streamline and enhance their governance processes. Our services include a robust suite of applications that integrate risk management, compliance, policy, and audit workflows. We also provide advanced auditing solutions that facilitate the entire audit lifecycle, from planning to follow-up, with an emphasis on risk-focused strategies and data-driven insights. Additionally, we address the growing need for transparent and accountable Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, supporting organizations in managing ESG-related risks and reporting.
ServiceNow   ServiceNow IRM
  ServiceNow IRM, or Integrated Risk Management, is a suite of applications designed to help organizations manage risk, compliance, policy, and audit processes in a unified and integrated manner
wolters kluwer    TeamMate+ Audit Tools
  A comprehensive solution supports auditors throughout the entire audit process, including planning, execution, collaboration, reporting, and follow-up, ensuring an efficient and effective approach to auditing. It's built with a focus on risk-focused planning and execution, offering data-driven insights and stakeholder engagement through an open ecosystem that is compatible with various infrastructures.
  TeamMate+ ESG
  The solution helps leaders understand and address ESG-related risks and supports transparent reporting on climate change, equity, inclusion, and other critical ESG issues. TeamMate+ ESG is recognized for its contribution to promoting transparency and accountability in ESG practices.



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DCS is the leading Enterprise IT Solutions and Services Provider in Thailand. We provide services under world class standard quality ISO 20000 (IT Service Management) and ISO 27001(Information Security Management).